Full Day: Focus on: Drones & UAV


UAS have transformed the journalism world, and in this session we’ll be doing a deep, deep dive into the world of UAS for broadcast, corporate,  and small production.  The morning session will dive into standing up a scalable UAS (Drone) program within any organization while demystifying federal regulations.  Explanation and demonstration of how to manage UAS flight in restricted areas will allow any journalist or producer to feel comfortable in virtually any airspace/environment.

Next, the session dives into a variety of UAS choices, codecs, cameras, settings, and standard applications of UAS, including common camera/UAS movement and production norms with UAS.

We’ll wrap the day with post-production tips for dealing with GOP, 4:2:0 images for post and delivery whether it’s .mxf, AVC-I, or other formats.

This session is designed for programs currently evaluating UAS for their organization, organizations with concerns for their UAS programs, and experienced UAS operators looking to better understand standards within the UAS/Broadcast/Production industries.


Douglas Spotted Eagle
UAS Instructor, Director of Educational Programming
Sundance Media Group

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