Create Interactive Animated Storyboards with Adobe XD

Test out your animation ideas quickly and effortlessly with Adobe XD. This amazing design tool can be used to quickly mock-up and express your creative vision with your colleagues and clients. In the session, we’ll explore how to create artboards in XD, and link them together with a fully visual interactive experience — that works just the pick-whip in After Effects. Then, we’ll explore how to create animations between artboards and how to share a “living storyboard” your clients.

Concrete skills and take-aways:

•  See what’s possible with Adobe XD

•  Try out your animation ideas in less time

•  Create an interactive experience without writing a single line of code

•  Preview your work on desktop and mobile devices

•  Use the Creative Cloud to share your ideas with the world


Chris Converse
Codify Design Studio

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