Maximizing Video on Facebook

Social media has become critical to gaining exposure. With social media platforms like Facebook, you can increase your brand’s visibility and also take advantage of their free features to communicate and advertise. Learn how to get video into the platform, create viewing events such as premieres and watch parties, discover video using Facebook Search, and live stream with Facebook Live. Instructor Rich Harrington also shows how to add 360˚ video to Facebook and make videos accessible by embedding your own captions or have Facebook auto-generate them for you.

Topics include:
• Uploading video to Facebook
• Batch uploading video
• Creating video premieres and watch parties
• Searching for videos
• Working with 360˚ video
• Live streaming on Facebook
• Captioning video
• Managing a video library
• Creating a custom video player with Photoshop


Richard Harrington
CEO & Founder
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Social Media
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