Audio for the Producer/Editor (Preditor)


Wednesday, April 22 | 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM



"Sound is 70% of what the audience sees” and often the achilles heel of most video camera operators and in today's world of the one-person-camera-crew it can't be! The first step to bettering your sound recordings when you go-it-alone is to have the proper microphone system, not mounted on your camera, and the knowledge and techniques to make it work with ensured quality. In this session you'll learn what mic(s) work best as a camera-mounted, handheld, lav, or boomed microphone. Whether you are using a full-on shoulder mounted pro video camera, smaller hand held type came, or DSLR there is a right and a wrong mic choice. Understanding how the mic works and how to shoot to capture the highest quality ambience and dialogue will not only better your sound recordings, it will also improve your visuals and the overall quality of every production you work on. This session will present a variety of microphone types, placement, quality of audio, common pitfalls, and recording options via various mics plugged into the room sound system for an interactive experience.


Douglas Spotted Eagle
UAS Instructor, Director of Educational Programming
Sundance Media Group